This Week’s Question(s)


I might use any one of these questions for class/cafe time, so you should be prepared to talk about all of them!


1. Do you care about the environment?
2. Do you think Japan is a clean country? Are there parts of Japan that are dirty or polluted?
3. How well do you recycle? Do you always separate your trash, cardboard, etc. ?
4. How often is garbage collected in your neighborhood? What days?
5. Do you always use “My Bag”?
6. Do you worry about Global Warming? (地球温暖化)
7. Do you use disposable chopsticks at a restaurant?
8. Do you take long showers?
9. Do you leave the water running while brushing your teeth?
10. Do you always turn the lights off when you leave a room?
11. Can you name an endangered species? (絶滅危惧種)
12. Do you think people who throw cigarettes on the ground are littering?


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