Sleeping Habits

They say the key to good health is good sleeping habits.

1. Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? Why? Do you use an alarm clock? Do you use the “snooze” function?
2. Do you sleep well at night? Are you a light sleep or a deep sleeper?
3. Do you snore?
4. Do you dream?
5. What position do you usually sleep in? What kind of clothes do you sleep in? How many pillows do you use?
6. When you cannot sleep, what do you think about to try to fall asleep?
7. Have you ever tried counting sheep?
8. Do you sleep with the lights on? How about the radio or television?
9. Do you turn off your phone at night?
10. Do you eat in the middle of the night when you wake up?
11. Do you make your bed/futon daily?
12. Do you take naps during the day?
13. Do you sleep-in on your day off?


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