Most of us are far away from it, but this week let’s talk about Retirement.

1. Do you ever dream about retirement?
2. Tell me a little bit about what you think retirement life will be like for you: What do you hope to do? How would you spend your daily life after retirement? Where do you want to live? Would you like to retire in another country? City or country? Change your job?
3. When do people usually retire in Japan? When would you like to retire?
4. After you retire, do you want to stay busy or slow down.
5. Do you worry about having enough money after you retire?
6. Are you already planning and/or saving money for retirement?
7. What would be the perfect retirement for you?
8. Are you parents retired? How do they spend their time?
9. Do you have any major goals for yourself before you retire?


About マーシャル先生

那覇にある英会話 English World主宰者・講師 無料体験レッスンーー>     
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