This Week’s Theme-血液型-Blood Types


1. Do you believe there is a connection between blood types and personality? Why or Why not?
2. What is your blood type? What kind of personality traits does that blood type have? Do you think your blood type fits your personality?
3. What is the blood types of some of your friends and family?
4. Are there any blood types your don’t get along with?
5. Is blood type important when choosing a partner?
6. Have you ever read any books on blood types?
7. Do you think there is a strong connection between blood type and intelligence? Blood type and stress?
8. Do you think blood type is important in the work place?
9. Have you ever tried the blood type diet?
10. Do you believe in 星座?
11. Do you think personality can change over time?


Here is some vocabulary to use when talking about blood types and personality:

Blood Type A
methodical 几帳面
commonsensical 常識人
cooperative 協調性
careful 慎重

Blood Type B
selfish 自己中心的
easygoing 楽天的
flexible 柔軟な考え
inspirational ひらめき

Blood Type O
leadership 親分肌
sociable 社交的
careless about details 大雑把
realistic 現実的

Blood Type AB
practical 合理的
idealist 理想追求型
calm 冷静
“split” personality 二重人格


I heard a joke about blood types.
At a job interview, the manager asked the person interviewing for the job,
“What’s your blood type?”
and the person answered,
“I’m type AB. But I can change if it will get me this job!”


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