Talking about T.V.



This week let`s talk about the famous “boob tube.”



1. Do you like watching tv?

2. How much tv do you watch everyday?

3. Do you feel like you sometimes waste time watching tv?

4. What shows do you watch the most?

5. Do you like any American TV shows?

6. Do you think there are too many commercials on TV?

7. Have you ever watched any American TV commercials? What did you think?

8. Do you watch TV late at night? Does it help you sleep or does it keep you awake?

9. Do you think TV will eventually be replaced by the computer?

10. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, which show would you watch?


About マーシャル先生

那覇にある英会話 English World主宰者・講師 無料体験レッスンーー>     
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